About Us

Dar Ashjar is an Arabic publishing house in the literal sense, it is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but its scope expands to include the Arab world and the whole world, because the movement of culture is in its essence a noble human act. The greatest goals of the house are making the Arab culture a permanent objective for it, for every Arab citizen who seeks knowledge and for everyone responsible of developing this culture.

Our target in our enlightening project: adults and children of different orientations and ages. Dar Ashjar for Publishing and Distribution, whose moving towards the goal at a steady pace, whose vision is based on two main pillars: professionalism and excellence in the book industry.

Dar Ashjar has been established as a publishing house in Dubai since 2003.

We are considered one of the leading publishers for children in the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Our values: We are truly responsible for our heritage and language to be a source of inspiration and pride for us, and to be a true source of trust and appreciation to introduce them and present them to the world. Our responsibility towards our community extends to doing our part in it with sincerity and love.As we aim to provide our customers with knowledge of its best forms and contents in the highest levels of perfection and quality. And that we respect the ethics of the profession and value teamwork in all its forms, and we strive for complementarity and appreciate independence.

Our vision: The publishing house that everyone thinks of first when looking for the Arabic language for fun, education, and learning.

Our message: To inspire the young with the magic of tales, and to make the Arabic language close to the mind, warm in the heart.